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Rage4Me was made in a week on the Godot game engine as a challenge to myself and a friend to learn a new engine.

We both set out to make a 2D game in Godot in a week and then play each others game.


Art work is not mine but a free asset on Itch.io which I will link:
- Tilesets, Anims & Characters https://pixelfrog-assets.itch.io/pixel-adventure-1
- Parallax Background: https://sanctumpixel.itch.io/forest-lite-pixel-art-tileset


The game is very simple you must avoid all obstacles like spikes, ghosts, Chained Balls and also fake floors and work your way to the top of the level while also collecting all 16 strawberries. If you reach the end and have not collected all 16 strawberries the level will not reset. You must collect all 16 strawberries for the timer to stop and the level to restart to play again.

Let me know your quickest time in the comments! Would like to see some videos of some people speed running the level.


AD or Arrow Keys to move around

W, Space, Up Arrow Key to jump

S, CTRL, Down Arrow Key to walk slowly


The game is very difficult and it's made like this on purpose once you die the level resets and you must start from the very beginning of the game. The level may seem impossible to complete but i can assure you it's not as i have been able to complete the level multiple times.

The game will make you frustrated and angry so stop playing if you think you will break something :D Or you know just break it!!!

Install instructions

  • Download .RAR file
  • extract to desktop or where ever you want to save the game
  • Open Rage
  • Enjoy!


Rage4Me 44 MB

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